Sports Photography

 Attending sporting events is one thing. Photographing them is something completely different. As a matter of fact, trying to capture fast action shots, or even not so fast, can be quite challenging.....almost as challenging as the sport itself!  Today I attended an eighth grade volleyball game and so brought my camera along to get as many good shots as I could. It's challenging simply because the lighting isn't the best, and yet, using a speed light from a distance won't do any good. Add some fast actions and you've got some fast challenges. Setting an extra high ISO on the camera and attaching a fast lens onto the camera can make it or break it. I usually end up throwing out quite a few of the shots due to blurry photos, but that's okay. It only takes a few excellent shots to be satisfied with the end result. In some cases, quantity just isn't important.

Senior Photos with Mary

I had such a lovely time photographing this young lady who will be graduating from high school in May 2017. Not only is she beautiful, she is extremely intelligent. That combination, along with her kindness and integrity, will take her way beyond the school years. Photographing teenagers can be challenging simply because they feel awkward at times in front of a camera. The trick is to get them to feel at ease. A photographer can do this simply by talking to them and getting to know who they are. Ask questions and get them talking!

When I'm Not Photographing...

When I'm not photographing, I'm running. I recently completed my second half marathon. This is the first time that I ran the entire time. Even while drinking the water/Gatorade in those tiny throw away cups they hand out as you run by, I continued running. That's why half of the drink ended up "not" in my mouth. I ran it in 2:33. It was a hard, but exhilarating and proud day for me.